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Shree Ram Public School has been named as an honour of our top academician and administrator Late. Dr Shree Ram Prasad, (Ex - Principal), NIT Jamshedpur. The school has taken an oath to follow on his ethics in education and to make this institution as one of the top leading schools.

SRPS, Jamshedpur has carved a niche for itself in a matter of a few years. We believe that every child is unique and an effort is made to cater to his / her individuality. Multiple intelligence being the need of the hour, hence different approach is adopted to take care of the children.

SHREE RAM PUBLIC SCHOOL is Recognized by State Government and waiting for CBSE affiliation, New Delhi. The curriculum followed in junior and senior classes is based on NCERT guidelines, with several innovations which have been introduced after much research and study. The school keeps abreast with the best pedagogical practices from all over the world.

About us

Established in 2015,  CAREER FORUM ACADEMIC TRUST has been dedicated to educational and charitable causes, focusing on welfare activities that can benefit India at large. CAREER FORUM ACADEMIC TRUST aims to run schools, colleges and industrial training centres across the country and spreading and educating the community by various development programs, conducting workshops, seminars, conferences, encouraging sports and a host of other community upliftment schemes to contribute to the nation’s social, cultural and educational scene.

With an emphasis on uplifting economically backward children and providing aid in terms of scholarships and supply of resources, the trust aims to make quality education accessible to all, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, region or gender. It is also focused on improving the quality of education by promoting innovative learning techniques and conducting organized teacher training programs. 

Our Mission

  • Recognize the uniqueness and individuality of each child

  • Provide all students with diverse education and equip them with lifelong skills to become independent global citizens of tomorrow 

  • Inspire all students to lead with courage, confidence and conviction


To nurture a vibrant, innovative and caring environment that is committed to all-round excellence in education, where learning takes place in an integrated manner and develop a successful individual with national spirit.

Meet Our Teachers

Tina Alba

1st Grade

Grace Squires

4th Grade

Mark Jones

2nd Grade

Aiden Paul

5th Grade

Reece Peters

3rd Grade

Robert Sanders

6th Grade

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